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Who and What can I Announce on Project Cloud?


Pretty much anyone and anything! As long as you are involved in the activity that you are announcing and your objective is to inform law students, Project Cloud is the platform for you. Announcers have used the platform to announce petitions, competitions, call for papers, conferences, seminars, internships, jobs, courses, results, new issues of journals, book launches and new blogs. The list is endless. If you have a doubt, just write to us and we’ll help you.



Feature 1

When you ask a question on Project Cloud, you ask a question to the announcer directly. Announcers receive email notifications whenever they have a new pending question. And we’ll also let you know via email once you have an answer. Because questions & answers are in the public domain, announcers don’t have to answer the same questions repeatedly from different readers. To ask a question, just click on [button type="info" size="small" text="Ask a Question" url="#respond"]

Feature 2

That’s mighty right. You can now catch the latest updates on our app available on the Android & Apple Store for your iPhone, iPad & Android phones. So when you make an announcement on Project Cloud, you’re not only reaching out to readers with laptops & desktops but also smartphones & tablets. Click on the buttons below and download your FREE app.

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Feature 3

Announcement deadlines are listed on the Law School Calendar. You may also add the deadline to your personal calendar and receive notifications as the deadline approaches. The Calendar can be accessed on the Website, Mobile & Tablet App and the Project Cloud widget (more about that exciting feature below).

Feature 4

Do you have a website or a blog? Now you can embed the Project Cloud Calendar widget. Just use our simple code and you’ll have the latest deadlines trending on your site. We’ll even help you customize the widget to match your site’s colour code. You may also use our RSS link above to create a ‘Latest Announcements’ Widget. We will also feature your site on Project Cloud when you use any of our widgets.

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Feature 5

We know how busy school can be. So to make it easy for you, every weekend, we send out a short newsletter to help you shift through the latest announcements and view the ones relevant to you. We promise we never spam.

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