FSDE International Essay Writing Competition on Poverty Eradication 2012

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Forum Studi dan Diskusi Ekonomi (FSDE) 2012 is an annual event of the Economics Students Association, Faculty of Economics and Business, Gadjah Mada University. As part of the event, the Association is organizing an international essay competition on poverty eradication.

Theme: “Dreaming the World without Poverty”

Poverty is a phenomenon that troubles life aspects in almost every country in the world. However, it is not impossible to eradicate, in fact there are countries that have succeeded in improving the living standards of its people. Looking at how countries have improved, do you think it is possible to totally end poverty? Please express your opinion on how to create the world without poverty, including examples from cases, studies or researches that you wish to engage in.

Deadline for Essays: Entries must be submitted by September 24, 2012.


  1. Essays may be submitted by anyone age 18 to 25 years old (as of September 23rd, 2012).
  2. Essays must be 1000 words or less, typed in English.
  3. Essays must have a cover page indicating: (1) essay title (2) your full name (3) handphone number/e-mail address (for those from outside Indonesia) (4) nationality (5) age as of September 23, 2012 (6) sex (7) school/university name (if applicable).
  4. Entries must be submitted online (Please go to the online registration page at www.fsde-himiespa.com).
  5. Entries must be in MS Word format.
  6. Please attach your photo and also your ID card in .jpg format (Your ID should have your name and birth date).
  7. Essays must be original and unpublished.
  8. Essays must be written by one person. Co-authored essays are not accepted.
  9. One person can only submit one essay.
  10. Copyright of the essays entered will be assigned to the organizers.


All the prize winners will be announced in November 2012 on the Forum Studi dan Diskusi Ekonomi 2012 web site (www.fsde-himiespa.com) and by direct information to email.

  • Prizes:
    • 1st Prize: Certificate, book with compilation of essays, and prize of US$1,000
    • 2nd Prize: Certificate, book with compilation essays, and prize of US$500
    • 3rd Prize: Certificate, book with compilation essays, and prize of US$250
    • Ten best essays will be printed into a book and will be given to 3 winners.
    • Ten best essays will be available online at www.fsde-himiespa.com

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14 comments on “FSDE International Essay Writing Competition on Poverty Eradication 2012”

  1. Bethel Abraha Reply

    Hi, I submitted my essay before the deadline, but my name is not on the participant list. what went wrong?

  2. Bethel Abraha Reply

    I submitted my essay on poverty eradication, but my name was not on the participant list. didn’t you recieve my essay?

  3. Kazi mohammed siddique Reply

    Its me mohammed siddique frm india wanna take part in essay competition.hw can u make it possible for me?i m non graduate nd of 48

  4. Bethel Abraha Gebremeskel Reply

    Hi,I am from Ethiopia and I graduated from high school a few months ago.and I’ll be joining the university a month later.so,do I submit my essay as a high school or as an under graduate student?

    • IEC FSDE 2012 Reply

      Yes, this competition is worldwide and free. You can apply your essay as long as you are 18 to 25 years of age. Visit our website to apply your essay.

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