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The site has been publishing Project Cloud updates every fortnight listing all the upcoming deadlines for law students in India. [More Info]

Bar & Bench


Initially created as a wordpress blog in 2010 to “bridge the information gap and reduce our dependency on the college and individuals”, Project Cloud has slowly been growing in popularity as the ideal platform for law-school related announcements. In this e-mail interview, Chetan Tripathy (NLU-Jodhpur Class of ’11) tells Bar & Bench about the perils of bootstrapping, the importance of law school and why you should always do the things you love.

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Asian Voice


The idea of ‘facebook’ has taken social networking to a different level in the West, while our Indian youngsters are not far off. Chetan Tripathy, a budding lawyer from India is following in the footsteps of Zuckerberg, and has formed a social networking site called Project Cloud for legal ‘stuff’.

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YourStory recently spoke with Chetan Tripathy, a law student and an entrepreneur, his initiative Project Cloud aims to foster research and focuses on creating a supportive ecosystem for law students in India.

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Project Cloud ( is the brainchild of Chetan Tripathy, who aspires to “create an ecosystem where everyone has access to infor- mation”. His intention is to create equal opportunities for aspiring and practising lawyers and to eradicate the inequalities between wealthy and less affluent law students and law schools.

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